14 Famous Landmarks of Istanbul

Istanbul is a huge city with thousands of landmarks. Most of them are historic buildings dating back hundreds of years, especially to the Byzantine and Ottoman Empire.

Some landmarks are more famous than others are, but all serve one common purpose as an identifiable object on the horizon.

Here are my 14  favourite postcard style pictures of  some  landmarks in Istanbul.

Famous Landmarks of Istanbul

1 – The Hagia Sophia is a former church, mosque and now one of the most visited museums in Istanbul.

Hagia Sophia of Istanbul

2 – Rumelihisari Castle stands overlooking the Bosphorus and was built in 1452.

Rumelihisari Castle

3 – 14 tons of gold and 131 handmade silk carpets were used in the decoration of  Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce palace

4 – Berlerbeyi Palace was a summer home of Ottoman rulers and the name means “Lord of Lords”

Beylerbeyi Palace

5 – The Istanbul Military Museum showcases one thousand years of war in the region.

Istanbul Military Museum in Istanbul

6 – Possibly the most famous landmark, the Blue mosque has stood proud since 1616

Blue mosque- Istanbul

7 – Located underground, the Basilica cistern also contains the upside heads of Medusa.

Basilica Cistern in Istanbul

8 – Galata Bridge is the place where cheap and delicious fish sandwiches are sold.

Galata Bridge in Istanbul

9 – The Dolmabahçe Clock tower is 27 metres high and was built in 1895

Dolmabahce Clock Tower

10 – Flower passage is now full of restaurants but its history talks about the Russian women that used to sell flowers there

Flower passage

11 – The best way to see across the horizon of Istanbul is from Galata tower, which is 66.90 metres tall.

Galata Tower

12 – Topkapi Palace was the original palace of the Ottoman rulers.

Topkapi Palace

13 – Located off Istiklal Avenue,  French Street is the place to be seen at night time.

French Street

14 – The obelisk of Theodosius was originally erected in the old hippodrome of Constantinople.

Obelisk of Theodosius

Readers Question? Which is your favourite Istanbul landmark?


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