Sensus Wine Boutique Shop in Galata : Drinking in Istanbul

Save water – Drink Wine” became the motto of our last girl’s weekend in Istanbul.

It all started when I was stood at the open top of the Galata tower, which is an impressive 66 meters tall. I had a raging hangover from the night before and the fresh air combined with a fear of heights, prompted thoughts that I was going to puke!


My phone was ringing which provided a temporary distraction. It was my close friend Debra

Debra – “when you have finished prancing around that tall tower, come and find us. We are drinking wine and tasting cheese in a posh boutique. We are going up in the world girl!”

Me – “Seriously! It is 11 o’clock in the morning!

Finding Sensus in The Galata Neighbourhood

By now, I was questioning my sense of balance. Sightseeing after a night on the town is never a good idea and I was considering “hair of the dog” . Exiting Galata tower, I turned left into a side street and come across the wine boutique called Sensus.

Save water drink wine

Save Water…Drink wine

I am not normally a wine drinker. Beer is my preferred refreshment. However, the wall to wall of fine wines impressed me. Fridges are filled with a variety of domestic and foreign cheeses. There is even a canapés menu.


So have I stopped drinking beer and eating street food and started sipping on fine wines and nibbling on canopies?

No, my social status has not been elevated. The wine and cheese boutique was something new but not enough to make me change my habits. I enjoyed tasting wine and sampling new flavors but that is as far as it goes.

wine tasting

I recommend a visit for something different though. If you want to try Turkish wines or are looking for a quiet environment to socialize with your friends, then Sensus is a great place to be.

wine tasting in Istanbul

How to get there

From the exit of Galata tower, turn left and the boutique is on the right hand side. They also have branches in Antakya, Eskisehir and Marmaris. More information is here on their website.

wine shop

Readers Question – Cast your vote. Is wine your preferred alcoholic drink?

wines in Istanbul

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